Functional and fun, mid-century modern furniture designs combine clean lines with unique shapes to form retro, yet ultra-modern furniture that is timeless and chic.

A Brief History of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

There is debate about the time period of this design style that emphasizes function over form. Some argue the term describes architecture, furniture, graphic design, materials, and technologies designed in this style from about 1933-1965, while some say it is limited to the decade of 1947-1957.
There is also some contention about its origins, with some believing that its minimalistic qualities and use of new materials were a response to scarcity of certain resources after World War II. Others believe it was a fresh start and reaction against the opulent stuffiness found in interior design and architecture through the 1940’s.
Ultimately, architecture and furniture designs of the time reflected the needs of postwar America. These were minimalistic designs an average American could afford that also kept up with a more fast-paced and ever-changing society.
By the late 1960’s mid-century modern designs had fallen out of style. However, it became popular again in the mid-1980s after author Cara Greenberg wrote the book “Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of 1950’s’ in 1984.” The book was a hit and lead to the coining of the term by designers and the masses alike.
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Mid-century Modern Furniture Features

A blending of stunning shapes and unique accents that emphasize a clean, understated framework keeps this furniture style a popular favorite.
Clean lines.
Natural looking curves.
Smooth surfaces.
Combination of natural and manmade materials.
Neutrals and/or bold colors.
Modern geometric shapes.
Tapered legs.
Floating look.

Mid Century Modern Furniture at Steiner’s Amish Furniture

Mid-century modern Amish-made furniture is built upon the principles of strength, durability and beauty, contributing easily to this style that it serves. We offer mid-century modern for the dining room, living room, bedroom, office, and bathroom.
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