Our Process

1. Choosing

The first step is to decide what you are interested in buying. Is your new 64” television too large for your stand? Have your pets become a little too comfortable on your couch? Steiner’s offers a wide variety of home furnishings that can fill any part of your home.

Having difficulty making a decision? We are here to help! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

2. Designing

A monumental benefit to purchasing handcrafted Amish Furniture is that each piece is made tailored to you. Our designers on staff will help to customize any products at our location. You can design your purchase to fit your unique needs, desires, and tastes. Choose from our variant wood, hardware, size, and stain options.

3. Design It Your Way

Brown Maple

Brown Maple is a cost effective and smooth wood. You won’t often feel the grain under your fingertips, which can give a clean and modern look to your home. Brown Maple rocks the stylish painted furniture look that many homes now fashion. Brown Maple is commonly used on dining and bedroom sets. See Brown Maple Samples


With the ever growing passion for rustic style homes; Hickory is perfect for this taste. Hickory is one of the toughest woods, it can take almost 2 pounds of pressure before making even a dent Thanks to this toughness, Hickory’s slim and subtle grain works great in your kitchen or bedroom. See Hickory samples


Quartersawn White Oak is cut differently than other wood types. Quartersawn is cut at 90 degrees of the natural wood grain which makes the wood more dense and durable to your everyday activities. Quartersawn wood is unique and timeless; perfect for a mission style home. We often recommend Quartersawn wood for dining and bedroom sets. See QSWO samples

Sap Cherry

Cherry wood is timeless and flexible. This wood easily takes modern or traditional appearances and feels clean and sleek, great for any mid-century modern style buff. Cherry wood has a natural reddish hue and contains brown pith flecks and small pit pockets. Cherry wood is perfect for dining and bedroom sets. See Sap Cherry samples


Oak wood is a very strong and cost effective wood. Oak provides your home with a timeless appearance and unique grain style. Oak also takes very well to stain and has one of the largest stain selections. Oak is commonly used all over your home: kitchen, office, bedroom, and living room. See Oak samples

4. The Final Steps

After deciding what piece works best for you, come down to our 15,000 square-foot showroom in Sun City or our 8,500 square-foot showroom in Tempe to peg down your choice of stain, style, size, and any other features that will make your piece ideal to your needs. In order to get the ball rolling on your order, a down payment of 50% of your total purchase is due with the other half being due at arrival. For full payment options check out our Information page.

5. Building

The building process takes anywhere from 8 to 20 weeks. The rate of building depends on the Amish craftsmen. All of Steiner’s Amish Furniture’s craftsmen are located in Waynes and Holmes Counties, Ohio where each piece is hand built to each and every one of your specifications. We try not to rush or bother our craftsmen, because this can take time away from work. However, if your order is taking longer than is typical we will be sure to contact your craftsman.

6. Finishing

All of our furniture orders are hand stained and finished at Phoenix Finishing an Amish finishing shop in Ohio; an affiliate of Steiner’s. Many pieces can be built by varying builders and each builder may choose to stain their furniture with different techniques. These varying techniques can cause the furniture to have a different look and feel, even if you choose the same stain color for each piece. Therefore, having a central stain shop—such as Phoenix Finishing—helps keep each piece coming out looking and feeling the same.

Upon the arrival of your piece at the finish shop, the stain of your choice is sprayed onto it with a PSI gun. The PSI gun allows for the stain to absorb well into the wood and can prevent white spots on the surface in the event of dings and dents. After staining, the piece is wiped down and the process is repeated with finish. After the finishing process is over, the piece sits for several days to allow the piece to cure.

7. Delivery & Pick-up

Now that your piece is designed, built, and finished it is finally time to bring it home. Steiner’s Amish Furniture blanket wraps each piece and transports the furniture from Ohio to Arizona. Once your furniture has arrived in Arizona, Steiner’s offers two types of Delivery. You can either Pick-up in store or have your furniture delivered and setup in your home. For more information, you can view our Limited Liability Form.

Now that you have your furniture, you can enjoy it for generations to come!


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