Shipping Amish Furniture

Now that your piece is designed, built, and finished it is finally time to bring it home.  Steiner’s Amish Furniture Blanket Wraps each piece and transports the furniture from Ohio to Arizona. Shipping time given to our customers is considered an estimate and is not a guarantee for the delivery of your product. Standard shipping time ranges from 12-26 weeks and can be shorter or longer depending on the size and complexity of the product. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to various manufacturing and shipping problems. Please keep in mind that these shops and craftsmen need to weather storms, repair tools, and take holidays, just like most workshops, and any of those or a myriad of other reasons might result in delays. The completion dates of the Amish craftsmen are entirely out of our control. Steiner’s Amish Furniture will do its best to keep the customer up to date on the completion of their product.
Steiner’s Amish Furniture offers two options for receiving your furniture: delivery or in-store pickup.

If you choose to have your product delivered there will be an additional cost that will be discussed at the time of purchase. You can choose to cancel your delivery for a refund of the delivery cost at any time before your delivery, but you will then be expected to pick up your product in-store. Once your product is ready for delivery, we will call you to set up your delivery date. You will be given a date and four-hour window delivery time. Delivery and final payment must be made within two weeks of the arrival of the furniture unless actions through the proper channels have been taken for later delivery. If payment is not made the customer forfeits their down payment and product to Steiner’s Amish Furniture. Steiner’s Amish Furniture will then be free to reclaim and resell the product to another customer.

General Guidelines for Delivery:

  1. The customer must have the space in their home cleared prior to delivery, delivery personnel will not move existing furniture.
  2. Circumstances that delay your furniture delivery may arise that are beyond our control – these include weather, traffic, natural disasters, and other uncontrollable events.
  3. Someone must be present during the delivery. If you have made and confirmed a delivery appointment and fail to keep that appointment, you may be charged additional redelivery/storage fees and your delivery may be delayed.
  4. It’s important to remember that we do not offer returns on furniture that doesn’t fit in your home or office, through doorways, in an elevator, or up the staircase, so advance planning is essential.
  5. There are situations where the inside delivery team cannot accommodate delivery into the room of your choice. For example:
    1. Some pieces of furniture are just too large to fit through narrow spaces. Angles and sharp turns also create challenges for moving large pieces of furniture, and our team may not be able to physically overcome these challenges.
    2. Our team will not raise furniture inside windows or remove windows or doors.
    3. Our delivery team will not disassemble, move, or otherwise dispose of existing furniture in your home.
    4. Prepare the room(s) that are receiving furniture by removing rugs, securing or removing low-hanging light fixtures or chandeliers, and moving other pieces of furniture out of the way. Pets should be secured in other rooms. The delivery team is not responsible for this prep work.

Delivery requires the following:

  1. The road must be a minimum of 10 feet wide.
  2. There cannot be any low-hanging branches on the road, and there must be a clearance of at least 14 feet.
  3. The street must have no vehicle weight restrictions.
  4. The road must be passable by a large box delivery truck.
  5. Drivers must be able to safely turn around after they complete delivery.

Our delivery personnel may not under any circumstances be videotaped or photographed—without their written permission—or receive any harassment. Delivery personnel are free and able to deny delivery if any such actions are performed. In these cases, you will be instructed to pick up your product using the guidelines provided under the Pick-Up category.
Delivery personnel can accept final payment if made in cash or check. All credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) must be made in-store prior to delivery.

Pick Up:
Customers who opt to pick up their furniture in-store are held liable for their product. All pickups and payments must be made within two weeks of notification of the arrival of their product, unless actions through the proper channels have been taken for a later pickup. If pickup and payment are not made within the two weeks the customer forfeits their right to their down payment and product and Steiner’s Amish Furniture may reclaim and sell their product to another customer. 

General Guidelines for Pickup:

  1. The customer will need to come into Steiner’s Amish Furniture and notify a salesperson or staff member of their arrival. 
  2. Customer will then be instructed to drive around to the backloading door (the door will be marked as Steiner’s Amish Furniture).
  3. The customer’s products will then be waiting for them at the door.
  4. If furniture needs to be disassembled prior to pick-up the customer will need to give Steiner’s Amish Furniture adequate lead time to disassemble the product.
  5. The customer must bring their own materials such as: straps, necessary tie-downs, blankets (for protection of the product), appropriately sized vehicle, and any other materials deemed necessary for the safe travel of the product.
  6. The customer must provide the necessary manpower to lift and load the furniture into their vehicle. Steiner’s Amish Furniture salespersons and staff members are not and will not be held responsible for providing loading aid for liability insurance reasons. 
  7. Steiner’s Amish Furniture is not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle or product during loading/unloading or travel time. 

A full statement of our pickup guidelines will be posted in multiple locations throughout the pickup time.

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